BMSC Activities 2019

Muneeshwaranmudi Cleaning and Trekking 12-10-2019
Bhoomitra sena club of Don Bosco College conducted a cleaning program at Munneshwaranmudi, one of the hill stations in the district of Wayanad. Muneeswar Hills offer a breath taking view of biodiversity covering wildlife, endless greenery, tea estates, tribal settlements, paddy fields and the Shola forests. It is a scenic place visited by a lot of tourists. Because of the tourists and other factors a lot of plastic waste is deposited in and around the hills. It is spoiling the bio diversity of the place. There is also a chance of willd animals eating the plastic waste. So, BMSC decided take permission from Thalapuzha forest office and clean the spot. 
The Bhoomitrasena club members reached Muneeshwaranmudi at 8 o'clock in the morning on 12-10-2019. The members started cleaning activity and collected plastic waste. Some of the waste was held on top of trees, because the visitors were throwing the waste to the bottom of the hills and t…

BMSC Activities 2018

Poster competition and collage competition (22-03-2018)
The Bhoomithra sena club of Don Bosco College conducted a poster competition and collage competition on World Water Day. Cash prizes of Rs. 1000/-, 500/- and 300/- were awarded to the winners of both the competitions.

Visit to ecologically fragile zone (24-03-2018) The Bhoomithra sena club has visited Vaniyapara quarry, which is along the ecologically fragile zone.

Seedlings plantation (02-06-2018)
The Bhoomithra sena club members of Don Bosco College has planted seedlings. The members has split as different groups and each group has planted 50 seedlings for Hill highway.

Kundoor river cleaning The Bhoomithra sena club members of Don Bosco College cleaned Kundoor river, which is passing through the back side of the college.


BMSC Activities 2017

Tree maintenance and fertilizing on Environmental Day – 05 June, 2017 The BMSC members had planted several trees by the side of the Malabar Hill Highway, during the last two years.  We were also maintaining them, especially during the summer. On 5th August, to commemorate World Environmental Day, we cleaned the surroundings of these trees and put manure for them. 24 students has participated in this activities.
Some trees were destroyed by the local people. We replanted trees in the same spot. 12 trees were destroyed and we replanted in all these places. Currently there are 92 trees along the Hill Highway, planted and maintained by us. We intend to create awareness about protecting trees to the local people.
Ayyankunnu gramapanchayathu organized a program to plant 1000 trees on the side of Munnankutty road. Panchayathu president has inaugurated the program. We collaborated with them.

Tree plantation on hill highway instead of destroyed trees and plastic cleaning – 15 July, 2017 The members…

BMSC Activities 2016

Planting seedlings on 06-06-2016
During the environmental day Bhoomitra sena members collected seedlings of the Siris tree, and planted 92 seedlings in disposable paper glasses for planting on Hill highway. 27 students participated in the activity.

Plastic cleaning in the campus 16-08-2016.
Bhoomithra sena members cleaned plastic materials in the campus as well as srounding roads on 16-08-2016 on the Independence Day as an activity.

Tree plantation and manuring on the side of Hill highway 21-09-2016.
Bhoomithra sena members maintained trees which are planted on last year. And also planted 33 trees on the side of Hill highway. The seedlings were grown in-house by the members to commemorate the environmental day on 6th June 2016. Each tree is protected with metal grill. 34 students participated in this activity.

Awareness class and drawing competition on 26-09-2016.

BMSC Activities 2015

Awareness class and Tree Plantation by Shinto Abraham 16-March-2015.
Bhoomithra sena organized an awareness class for saving nature and tree plantation on 16th March 2015 at Don Bosco college. Class was taken by Mr. Shinto Abraham, Secretary of “Save Nature for a Better Life Society”. He is travelling by bike all over India with the message of saving nature. He selected Don Bosco College to be the finishing point of one of his projects. He also provided some seedling for college.

Cleaning plastic materials in the Campus 5-Jun-2015. Bhoomithra sena members cleaned plastic materials in the campus on 5-Jun-2015. Also they have placed dust bins in the common area of the college.

Tree plantation in Campus 06-Jun-2015.
Bhoomithra sena members planted 70 trees in the college campus on 06th June 2015. The seedlings were provided by Malayala Manorama and Forest department. The members will also be planting more trees along the Hill highway.

BMSC Activities 2014

BMC Trekking to Chembra peak 15-03-2014
Bhoomithra sena members of Don Bosco college organized a trekking to Chembra peak, Wayanad on 15-03-2014 with the vision of enhancing the knowledge about nature among the Bhoomithra sena members.

Sticker for saving water 14-04-2014
Bhoomithra sena Don Bosco college designed and took printout of the stickers with the caption of ‘Every drop counts - save water’ and put it on hotels and common places in Kannur district.
BMC Seminar
Three members of the Bhoomithra sena attended seminar held at Mammen Mappila Hall, Kottayam on 05-06-2014 on the eve of Environmental Day.

Tree plantation
Bhoomithra sena members planted 50 trees in the college campus on 07-05-2014. The department of Forest supplied the saplings on same day.

Environmental class by Ms. Marieke Schoning and Ms. Mounia Tonazzini on 16-Sept-2014
Ms. Marieke Schoning from Germany and Ms. Mounia Tonazzini from France, both environmental activists from Europe, organized a workshop on environmental prote…

BMSC Activities 2013

Essay competition

An essay competition was conducted by Bhoomithra Sena club. The subject of essay competition was ‘Light pollution and energy conservation’ on 26-Jun-2013. 33 students participated for the same. The following students won the prizes. Cash awards were distributed by Rev. Fr. Joby.

Tree plantation

BMC members planted 60 trees in College campus as well as some of the organizations close to the institute, on 22-Jun-2013.

Environmental seminar

Fr. Dr. Sunny Pulichamakathottile, Environmentalist took a seminar on the meaning of environment and environmental sustainability on 21-Jun- 2013.

Panchayath well cleaning in Eenthumkari

Bhoomithra sena members cleaned panchayath well on 20-Jun-2013 at Eenthumkari tribal colony. A certificate of completion, issued by the panchayath, is enclosed with this.

Award for environment protection

Don Bosco College received the first prize for planting and maintaining maximum number of trees, during 2012-2013. The award was given by the department of f…